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What do you want, what do you really, really want?

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   Do you allow yourself the space and time to really contemplate this question? Or is the question immediately followed by—-but is this possible? A really useful fact to know is that what you want and what you think is possible are two quite different things.  I want to invite you to really tell yourself the truth about what you want, no holds barred—-really feel the energy of that. You want it, that’s it. Spend a couple of minutes feeling how it would be to...

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What will 2011 bring? Part 3

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   I did something this week which I hope may have a small meaning to a few people – I signed some goodwill cards for Amnesty which will go to people who have been wrongly imprisoned for standing up for justice, relatives searching for missing persons and so on. It’s tiny, but at least it shows these worthy people that they are being thought of and supported. It may bring them that little extra shed of hope as we enter 2011.    That’s what I plan...

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From Despair to Empowerment

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   Do you spend time worrying about the state of the world, global warming, receding coastlines, deforestation, potential species extinction and the rest? Are you frightened about what might happen next and do you feel you have no control over that?GOOD NEWS!  You do have control, you  can make a difference. First, it’s a case of realising that everything begins within vis glass half empty or glass half full?Second, we are far more likely to get the...

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