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In Your Own Rhythm

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 Life really does go differently – more smoothly, more flowingly – when in your own rhythm. What does that look like? – Doing what makes your heart sing – resting when you are tired and need some space, not forcing yourself to go on. – actively creating some space in your life, mental and physical, through clearing clutter, meditating, walking in Nature, focussing on your breath – getting the balance right between being with...

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   Last evening, I gave a mini taster workshop on the amazing Joanna Macy’s work, the Work that Reconnects. I am passionate about the importance of recognising that we are connected with all living beings ; and that it is important as part of the healing process to experience our pain for the World and to express our love for the Earth. By joining with others in this, thus might we make a difference. What might you do to express your love for the earth today? Talk to trees?...

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Co-operation rather than Competition

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   Here is an interesting thought: supposing there is room for everyone (as I believe)? Supposing it is not about being ‘the best’, but rather about being ‘the best that you can be’? It seems to me it would be far more fun – and more productive – to acknowledge that one had performed at one’s personal best in an endeavour rather than being disappointed because you had come second or third –or tenth. Because the snag about the latter...

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