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How would your life look if you lived it as though it really mattered?

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Have you come across this exercise?  I first did it years ago and it’s a useful way of really focussing in on what is important to you—- * Imagine you have one year to live. Take fifteen minutes to write down what you would do in that year * Imagine you have 6 months to live. Write down what you would do/say and how you would spend your  time. Take  10 minutes. * Imagine you have 3 months to live and take 7 minutes to write down how you would spend your time. *...

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Support for the living

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   I watched the BBC programme the other nght presented by Sir Terry Prachett  ‘Living with dignity.’ It focussed on the ethical and emotional aspects of choosing your own time of death if suffering from a long-term or incurable illness. It featured the centre in Switzerland where, after fairly extensive questioning as to the appropriateness of such a decision, a number of people go to die.   There was a debate afterwards where such issues...

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