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Confidence – who needs it?

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You do if you always put others before yourself, giving others’ needs and feelings far more importance than your own; don’t make space for yourself in your own life. You do if you don’t value and honour your own needs, ideas, opinions, if you don’t honour yourself. Or if you are a people-pleaser, keen to receive others’ approval whilst not really approving of yourself. Or if you allow fear to stop you from living your true purpose in life Or if you regularly give...

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10 Tips for saying light in the darker days

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1.  Lift your energy. Imagine the sun shining on you and rejuvenating, enlivening, every cell in your body, enabling a fresh burst of energy and lightness. 2.  Wear light, bright colours, or have them around you. 3.  Have flowers in your living space. Flowers are alive and they enliven. 4.  Bring to mind days, hours, when you felt light and bright – perhaps days on the beach, by the ocean in the sun. Memories are very potent. 5.  Every day, recite an affirmation...

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3 Amazing Women

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  This year, the Nobel Peace Prize Committee honoured 3 women ‘for their non-violent struggle for the safety of women and for womens’ rights to full participation in peace-building work.’ ELLEN SIRLEAF JOHNSON is Africa’s first democratically-elected Female President (2006). She has led Liberia out of civil war and greatly reduced brutality and corruption in the country.   LEYWAH GBOWEE formed Women of Liberia Mass Action for Peace, which was instrumental...

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