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Ten ways in which lack of confidence might stop you from living your life to the full – and what to do about it

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Do you feel that lack of confidence is holding you back? Do you feel frustrated that you are not showing up in the world as your best self? Are you successful in your own field but convinced there must be something more? Are you longing to fulfil your potential and make your unique contribution? Do you wish you had the courage to take the steps you want to take? 1. You do not voice your opinion incase others will not listen/do not approve/disagree. Ask yourself if you are voicing your opinion...

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Living Excellently

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Are you living the life you truly want? You know there is more to life. Perhaps, though successful in your own field, you feel you are not using yourself to the full; that you are not making the most of your unique gifts, talents, skills and abilities. Maybe you feel stuck and frustrated. Perhaps you know what you want to do but feel uncertain of how to go about it or whether it is something of which you are capable. Maybe you lack confidence to give it a go. This could be something you do for...

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