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Are you living the life you truly want?

You know there is more to life. Perhaps, though successful in your own field, you feel you are not using yourself to the full; that you are not making the most of your unique gifts, talents, skills and abilities. Maybe you feel stuck and frustrated.

Perhaps you know what you want to do but feel uncertain of how to go about it or whether it is something of which you are capable. Maybe you lack confidence to give it a go. This could be something you do for money or otherwise.

In the Living Excellently Programme, you will identify your true purpose. You will learn tools to build buoyant confidence to manifest this, to sound your note in the world and live a more fulfilling life.

Key issues:

  • You tend to give others’ needs and feelings far, far more importance than your own. This can be an excuse for not really identifying what you want. If you don’t know what you want, how can you go for it? So you will support someone else, whilst not supporting yourself. Supporting others is great – but not at the expense of yourself and your own life.
  • You think ‘Well, this is OK; this is not too bad’; and that may well be true. But really you long to fulfil more of your potential and to be active in making your unique contribution and feel you are really using yourself to the full.
  • You know what you want but you lack the confidence to put yourself forward; you undermine yourself and tell yourself you couldn’t do that. You give yourself negative messages and feel despondent about the possibility of really going for it.


  • You will learn to value your own needs and feelings; to make nurturing and valuing yourself a priority; to be your own best friend.
  • You will begin to embrace a wider perspective and understand that it is up to you to find a way of putting your unique combination of skills, talents and abilities into the world so that you feel fulfilled and the world benefits.
  • Confidence-building is a skill you can learn; you can build your self-esteem and learn to be assertive.
  • You will learn tools which will enable you to live your true purpose

Way forward:

In the Living Excellently Programme, you will learn skills for building self-esteem and confidence from an expert who has been teaching these skills for over 25 years. These are tools which may be easily- implemented and whose results may be seen quickly, thereby motivating further practice and more results.

You will increase your self-awareness and get in touch with your needs as well as your unique set of skills, talents and abilities; and how to take steps towards manifesting these in the world for mutual benefit.

You will find out that it is exciting, challenging and rewarding to take steps towards your heart’s desire. And you will be able to move from Stress to Self-Management. An increased sense of Life-Work Balance will result.

You will feel empowered to show up in the world as your true self with the result that you will attract the appropriate people and opportunities to go further with your life’s work.

Why the Living Excellently Programme?

The Living Excellently Programme will deliver all that and more. The tools learnt are life skills which will serve the individual whatever direction s/he may take.

The courses are small so individual attention is guaranteed.

The Programme has been created especially for people who really want to go for it; all will have had experience in Personal Development, so you can be sure you are working with people who already know themselves reasonably well.

As the Programme includes individual and group sessions, a sense of community is created; and the opportunity is provided for mutual support, encouragement, enhancement and appreciation. And perhaps collaboration in joint ventures.

Further benefits:

  • Shedding fears and insecurities; focussing on the positive, on what you really want to create. The energy of this focus will enable you to go ahead anyway, despite any fear.
  • Say goodbye to frustration and uncertainty in your life. As you grow in self-awareness and confidence and conviction around your true purpose, your life will flow more easily and greater ease and happiness will ensue.
  • You will say hello to inner certainty and resilience – tools which are much-needed in these uncertain times. Gaining these skills will help you to be at the fore-front of creating a better, more harmonious and peaceful world.
  • Get crystal clear what your values are, what is important – and gain skills to put them into practice for the benefit of all.
  • You will have the tools to be confident to be who you really are in all circumstances
  • A supportive community – the course is designed to give you the opportunity to meet others keen to live their life purpose and to be mutually supportive.

Living Excellently Programme – How does it work?

It is for those who have gained some self-awareness and are now ready to go further.

More Details:

  • The Programme runs over 6 months
  • 3 days of Building Self-esteem and Confidence and Assertion Skills spread over this period (in the whole group).
  • 6 hours of individual Life Coaching
  • One and a half days of Community Building – Be the Change you want to see in the world. This is an opportunity to consolidate next steps and to link with others for mutual support and benefit.
  • Teleclasses

Optional – 5 sessions of Style Consultation – which would include styles and colours which enhance appearance and updating your Self-image.


Each person registered on the Programme will receive the following:

  1. My monthly e-Living Excellently Tips
  2. A Year of Delights, sent once a week – inspiring ideas of a simple thing to do to immediately lift your spirits.

Is the Living Excellently Programme for you?

It may well be if you are feeling frustrated with your life and uncertain of how to move forward; are lacking in confidence, which is preventing you from achieving your goals; if you have done some inner exploration and are ready to really ‘go for it’ and show up in the world, actualising your true purpose.

You will gain an enhanced sense of who you are; build buoyant confidence; identify your unique set of skills., talents and abilities; and clarity around your true purpose and what that looks like in practice.

As well as training from an expert in the field, there is also plenty of opportunity for contribution and sharing.

The sessions are focussed and fun.

Shan Rees BA (Anthropology); Dip Couns, Life Coach has been working in the field of Personal Development for over 25 years, with groups and individuals, helping them to lead more fulfilling and happier lives. She has trained in the Human Potential Movement, including Psychosynthesis, and in teaching Assertion Training (with Anne Dickson, a pioneer in the field). She is a very experienced group facilitator. She has co-authored and published a book ‘Assertion Training: ‘How to be Who You Really Are.’

Shan is also qualified to teach Mat-Based Pilates and Exercise for Older People and teaches Dances of Universal Peace.

Shan is passionate about helping people to flourish and make their unique contribution. She believes that the more people who do this, the more peaceful and harmonious the world will be.

A message for those considering the Living Excellently Programme:

If you would like to discuss whether this programme is for you, your next step is to contact me and book a free session where we will explore the possibilities and whether the Living Excellently Programme is right for you.

Please contact me on 07940375147 or email me on

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