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Confidence – Who needs it?

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How do you know building  confidence is going to help you in your life and goals? How can you be sure it is going to help you to feel happier and more fulfilled? If you feel you are ready to show up in the world, to make the difference only you can make; and if you are tired of muddling through, living a mediocre life with insufficient joy and happiness, then it’s definitely worth learning tools to  build your self-esteem and confidence. You may like to be assured that it is...

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Are you frustrated, unhappy, unfulfilled? Here’s what to do about it

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Perhaps you imagine that if you lived in a different world, a different time, a different country, your life would work better and that you would be happier and more fulfilled. Maybe – but so what? It would be a better idea – more sensible – to work with what you’ve got, don’t you think? And what is that, what have you got? YOU! Your most important resource is YOU! YOU, with your unique blend of talents, skills and abilities unlike anyone else. That is...

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