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   Are you tired of the same-old, same-old? Do you find yourself getting into the same routines seemingly against your will? Are you afraid of doing things differently or behaving in different ways from how you usually do because you are uncertain of the consequences?    How might you easily bring magic into your life? 1. Remember when you meet someone that you have more in common with them than you have differences. Focus on that commonality and you will create magic. 2.  Whenever you...

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 I watched a really interesting and inspiring programme on television  on monday evening. It presented being 100 plus in a very positive light and with honour and respect. How refreshing. Here are some of  the aspects of life valued by these wonderful people which help them to stay motivated: 1.  Have or develop a passion and live it, whether it be walking and speaking for Peace and Justice or music or— 2.  Always see the best in situations; be positive. 3.  Refuse to adhere to...

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Co-operate, co-operate, co-operate

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   Yes, that’s the future – co-operation. It is becoming widely recognised that this is the way forward – for everyone. This is the way everyone wins. It is increasingly obvious that trying  to get more for yourself at the expense of others backfires. Far more importantly, it’s inhuman. We’ve seen it in businesses and we’ve seen it on an individual level.    Lets learn to be human again. It’s more fun, too, if we see the wider picture and take into...

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