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Self-Enhancement through Energising your Values

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It can be particularly challenging as women to live our values. Societal conditioning runs deep, and when living in a society contextualised within ‘male’ thinking, this is especially true. The generally-accepted values are often ones we do not feel comfortable with. We can truly be in our own power only if we are embodying our values, living our lives in rhythm with what energises us and lifts our spirits; in the flow of our own truth. It is only if we are in our own flow that we...

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  1.  Take Responsibility for your own Ageing. Don’t buy  into assumptions that you will develop ailments as you age. You are more responsible for ageing well and for your quality of life as you grow older than you may have imagined. This includes mental, emotional, spiritual and physical health. Can you be open to that possibility? 2.  Forgive, forgive, forgive.  Yourself and others. Let go of any resentments from the past. Holding on to stuff never did anyone any good. On the...

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