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This website is a member of the 7 GRACES GLOBAL COMMUNITY, part of the 7 GRACES PROJECT, a social enterprise whose aim is to help create, cultivate and grow new paradigms of business, marketing and media that can help heal both humanity and the planet.*

THE 7 GRACES are a set of values** devoted to creating harmonious relationships with people, our economy and the delicate ecological balance of our natural world. As a member of 7GGC, mybusiness commitment is:

1. Connection:   to aspire to unity with Self, people and planet

2. Inspiration:   to give value, express generosity and share wisdom freely

3. Invitation:   to practice openness, engagement, hospitality and respect

4. Directness:   to embrace simplicity and straightforwardness in my communication

5. Transparency:   to use my businesses to express who I really am and what I value most

6. Abundance:  to aim towards sustainable wealth through ecological and economic balance

7. Collaboration:  to continually seek ways to create truly innovative projects together

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* July 2012: Currently in the process of registering as a social enterprise
** 7 Graces copyright 2011 by Lynn Serafinn

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