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Dip. Guidance & Couns, MIASC

I have explored many disciplines and paths of personal growth in order to develop my own awareness, and to enable me best to assist and inspire others.

My mission is to help you as a women to build Deep Confidence to live authentically  in the world as who you really are and to make your unique contribution. 

WOMEN who have worked with me have taken control of their lives and felt more fulfilled, happier and gained clarity on their true purpose and how to implement it

DEEP CONFIDENCE  comes from within you, not from outside. It arises from and is a result of having the courage to live authentically as who you really are, in  alignment with your values, being true to yourself. Women’s energy is so needed in the world now, in order to bring balance. Free your feisty female power and fly!

I have explored Humanistic Psychology; trained in Gestalt and Psychosynthesis; trained with Anne Dickson – a pioneer in this field – to teach Assertion Training.I have a Degree in Anthropology; a Diploma in Guidance and Counselling; I trained as a Life Coach  with the Coaches Training Institute (CTI). So you’ll see I have a wide range of experiences to draw from when working with women to help them to develop Deep Confidence and move forward in their lives.

I have studied Deep Ecology (Joanna Macy). I have been involved with Dance & Movement for many years.I am a Colour Consultant and  I am a certified graduate of the Style Coaching Institute™

I’m qualified to teach Mat-Based Pilates, Exercise to music for Older People and Chair-based Exercise for Older People.

I’m an experienced group facilitator.

I’ve co-authored and published,  a book  ‘Assertion Training: How to be who you really are’ and articles on various aspects of healthy, happy and successful living.

I’ve run successful Personal and Professional Development courses, in a wide variety of settings, including in many Adult Education Institutes, hospitals, Universities, local councils. corporates and smaller organisations and business start-ups. My signature course has been Assertion Training and Building Self-Esteem and Confidence. I have helped many women to show up more confidently in the world, to live authentically and live fulfilled lives.

The time has come, the time is now – for Women to show up in the world amd make their unique contribution. I’ll help you to do this.

I’ve also worked in the voluntary sector as Co-ordinator of a Homeless Families Scheme;  as Training Officer both for a Youth Training Scheme and also a Co-operative Development Agency; run a project for Healthy Living for over 50s; and as a Senior Lecturer in South Bank University

I invite you to contact me about any of my courses and one-to-one sessions using the details or form on my Contact page.