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DO WOMEN WANT TO BE TAKEN SERIOUSLY? (Sound your Note in the World)

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I imagine the answer is YES! As a woman, of course you want to be taken seriously. And sometimes you may feel you are not. That being the case, do you think you may compound the likelihood of that happening? For instance, by just going along with someone else’s plan, even though you know you would prefer something different or have other ideas (thinking that it’ s ‘not that important’); allowing another woman or a man to dominate the conversation without speaking up; by...

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What is Deep Confidence?

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Deep Confidence arises from deep inside. It is about having an awareness of who you really are and deeply accepting that. Deep Confidence is about living in alignment with your true values. As women, it’s important that we learn this skill in order that we may live authentically and in our own rhythm. Whilst we are trying to live in the usually male rhythm of society, we cannot make our unique  contribution to the world. It is only by being who we really are that we can do this. Deep...

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Women’s Role

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What is the role of women now in the world?  I believe it is to build Deep Confidence to be ourselves, to be in our own rhythm and to make our unique contribution; to bring balance and harmony to the world. What are the essential ingredients of this offering? How might this work best? Leading from the heart Listening to our intuition Co-operating with other Women Having the courage to be authentic – expressing our opinions and ideas, regardless of whether anyone else thinks similarly;...

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HONOUR  your needs. Tell yourself the truth about what would make your heart sing, what would bring you joy; what would enhance your life. Women are often bad at acknowledging their own needs and good at making the needs of others more important than their own. FULFILL  your needs. Either do that for yourself, or make a request of someone else. Scary? Nothing ever changes if you live entirely within your comfort zone. What’s the worst that can happen? They say no. Never mind –...

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1. Stop self-criticising and start self-congratulating. Accept and love your yourself. Know that the world needs you exactly as you are. 2. Listen to the whispers; take noice of your intuition. Use that, rather than what others think as guidance. 3.  Light candles – often. To invoke a particular quality or Goddess; at breakfast, lunch, tea. Candles create a soft light, conducive to female rhythms.# 4.  What is something that would  truly enhance your life and which you rarely do?...

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It is difficult sometimes to remember this, living in a patriarchal society. Here are some ways: – use your breath to connect deep, deep into Mother Earth. Imagine yourself being rooted in the earth, connected to your female lineage and to other women – imagine or ‘remember’ a time when women’s skills and attributes were honoured – the attributes of healing, nurturing, kindness, understanding and love. How might  you be part of  bringing  back the...

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