Achieving Goals

Are your beliefs serving you? If not, change them!

Posted by on Sep 30, 2009 in Achieving Goals, Life Tips | 1 comment

BELIEFS can be difficult to identify as we live with them and they seem like part of who we are; and ths is so – but, if they are undermining your true choices in life and not helping you to create the life you want, you may want to change them. STEP ONE: identify the belief e.g. ‘Life is hard.’ STEP TWO: identify how you want your lfe to be. What would you need to believe about the world and about yourself in order for that to be so? STEP THREE: begin to act as if this...

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1.  Identify your values and work on bringing more of the important ones into your life. Do you want more kindness or appreciation? Then make sure you manifest these yourself as well as spending little or no time with those who do not give you this and attracting into your life those who do. Do you want more Peace? Then do whatever it takes to create peace within yourself (it always starts within); spend time in a peaceful environment, in nature and with people who are at peace with...

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What do you need to let go of or eliminate in order to move forward in line with your goals in 2009?

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Is there something you need to say to somebody? What is stopping you?  Fear of being rejected? Fear of not saying it clearly? Fear of the consequences?  This is a good time to re-connect with your values, what is important to you. Is it being liked at all costs or is it being true to yourself, being in integrity? Acting in alignment with your values  gives a feeling of satisfaction and well being. It means you are playing the part you came to play on the planet; doing this leads...

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