“I am now more myself than I have been for a long time.”
Jo, teacher.


“Inspirational, great teacher, wonderful voice, nurturing qualities.

Melanie, participant on Building Self-esteem course


“Thank you for a truly inspiring two days. Thanks to your teaching, I now have all the tools I need. It is totally up to me and it’s very exciting. You’re a terrific teacher.”
Vivienne, actress.


“I now know who I am – I feel I’ve woken up.”
Anne, participant on Assertion Training course


“You have been a real ‘facilitator.’ I have learnt so many valuable things with your guidance and kindness.”

“You have helped me to change the way I think.”
Manuela, vet.


“I now realise that the stress in my life is of my own making – so I can do something about it!”
David, consultant.